Nesarc - Nepal Scientific Activities and Research Centre

Activities Report

NESARC and its activities

Nepal Scientific Activities and Research Centre (NESARC) is an organization of scientists and scholars of varied expertise in the field of science and research.

In linking science, technology and its application for the promotion of science, education and society related research activities, it establishes co-ordination with international, regional and national organizations, and their experts, where and when necessary.

NESARC conducted the following programs on 2013

For the first time, Nepal initiated to hold inter school water rocket event and poster contest in Nepal on 2009. Nepalese student and teacher had participated on the APRSAF-16 water rocket event at Bangkok Thailand on January 2010.
Since then, Nepal is holding water rocket events and students / teacher have participated on APRSAF_Water rocket event.

Nepal is holding poster contest for the school children since 2009 and selected poster were send every year to participate on the APRSAF- poster contest.

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